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Item Description
101.11 New Glass Sugar dispensers
102.Wine Glasses (40) New
103.Pot 17’’
104.Pot 16’’
105.TV mount up to 65’’
106.4 Tables 30’’x48’’ solid wood with Beautiful Ornate Base
107.2 Tables 30’’x48’’ solid wood with gross Steel Base
108.Beautiful 12’’ Round Plates x 12 like new
109.Beautiful 12’’ Round Plates x 12 like new
110.Design 12’’ Round Plates x12 like new
111.Design 12’’ Round Plates x12 like new
112.Design 12’’ Round Plates x 9 like new
113.TV Mount up to 65’’ TV
114.Freezer ‘’Everest’’ 2 door ETF2 good condition, Disconnected ready To Go
115.Wall TV Mount up 90’’
116.New (Still on Box) Chef Refrigeration Base Model F2952CP 52’’ equipment Stand on Commercial Custer’s Cost New $6.699
117.Hand Sink with Faucet
118.Chefs Line Up Includes Two under Counter Refrigerator Drawers One Under Counter Refrigerator Door Dipping Sink to Refrigerated Reach and Sandwich Unit Overhead Chill Bar Back Drain Stainless Steel Over Shelf’s Single With Wood Cutting Bord Unit Disconnected Ready To Go
119.Nespreso Machine
120.1 Roll ‘’New Vinyl’’ Upholstery Wine Colour 25 Yards BY 54’’
121.1 Roll ‘’New Vinyl’’ Upholstery 25 Yards by 54’’ New Wine Colour
122.1 Pot 14’’
123.1 Pot 12’’
124.1 Pot 10’’
125.1 Pot 8’’
126.4 Chairs Wood Seat, Steel Frames on Good Condition
127.1 Perlick Refrigeration Glass or Bottle chiller, All S Steel Inside BRASHET NICKEL
128.DelfieldPizza Refrigeration 72’’ With Cutting Board good Condition on Custer’s Disconnected easy to Carrie
129.Safe Sentry
130.Ceiling Glass Rack with chain all S. Steel Brushed Nickel Disconnected easy to Carrie
131.Coffee Brower ‘’ DELONGHI’’ Good Condition
132.Toilet Paper Dispenser x 2
133.S Steel Cold Pan Drop 58’’ Good Condition
134.Portrait Bull Fighter 35’’x70’’ with Frame and Glass
135.Round 42’’ Solid Wood Table with Steel Base
136.Nice Advertise Outdoor Sing
137.S. Steel table 32’’x74’’ Heavy Duty with Tray Shelve Holders and Soda Fountain Base
138.MEGATOUCH Video Game About 50/ Different Games Some x Rate Games Start Takes Quarters, Dollars and Fives
139.Art Painting. Original ‘’ Lukes Rooster’’ Oil Painting on Wood Panel by BUCK NELLIGAN With his Original Signature. Price in Gallery $900 18’’x24’’ $25 Start
140.Art Painting with Frame 15’’x20’’ Girl Portrait
141.Delfield Refrigeration Equipment Stand F2962CP62’’ With 4 Drawers Excellent Condition Disconnected Ready To Go
142.3 New Tables Oak Wood 24’’x30’’ Never Used Base Included
143.Video Game ‘’ECLIPSE’’ JVL Excellent Video over 40 Different games Plus Erotic Take Quarters, Dollars and five bills, Very Good Condition Start $150
144.4 New Tables Oak Wood 21’’x21’’ Never Used Base Not Included
145.4 New Tables Oak Wood 21’’x21’’ Never Used Base Not Included
146.3 New Tables Oak Wood 24’’x30’’ Never Used Base not Included
147.4 New Tables 30’’x42’’ Oak Wood Never Used With Round Steel Base
148.5 Solid Wood Tables 24’’x30’’ Bull Nose No Base
149.2 Solid Wood Tables24’’x30’’ No Base
150.Oil Painting on Canvas 19’’x27’’on Frame
151.Portrait Lady 15’’x20’’
152.Mirror with Aluminium Frame 24’’x18’’
153.Mirror Round 28’’
154.Picture Friends Foreverwith Glass and Frame 20’’x25’’
155.Nice Picture Ocean View Boat with Glass and Frame 19’’x24’’
156.Nice Picture on Glass Frame 19’’x24’’
157.Beautiful Oil Painting on Canvas, Wine Barrels 24’’x36
158.GLASS DOME New in Box 22 Pieces x 22
159.3 Epson Thermo Printers Model M244A Clean and good working Condition x3
160.Waffle Machine WARMI Good Working Condition
161.SKALE EDLUND 25 LP Good Working Condition
162.Wine Stand 12 Bottles
163.Cold Plate with a Sink and Faucet Side Drainer Glasses and Bottle Drinks Shelves Disconnected ready to Carrie
164.S. Steel 2 Compartment Sink with Faucet New Condition and ready To Go

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